Value Added Plans in Pennsylvania

At Value Plus Energy, we focus on fixed-rate supply plans. No gimmicks, no fees, no penalties. The rate you sign for is the rate you get, period.

But, there’s so much more. With added value being offered for our plans, there’s so much more that you can get.

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How Value Plus Energy Offers Choice

Imagine being able to predict what your monthly electricity supply costs will be two months from now, then ten months from now, and then a year from now. With Value Plus Energy, you will know exactly what you’ll pay under our fixed rate residential plans. When it comes to electricity supply for your home, Value Plus Energy has a plan to fit your needs.

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Our Electricity Plans Fit Your Needs

Our programs are simple and straightforward. First, with Value Plus Energy, fixed means fixed.
Using straightforward language and terms, there are no surprises.

Plus, with our value added programs, you get more, all included in your rate.

Making the switch has never been easier! Pick your plan and take control of your energy costs.

There’s no reason not to switch residential electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania to Value Plus Energy today!
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