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Electricity charges can be a big expense for businesses, and variable rates provide no security.
By choosing a fixed rate, you can budget your expenses and take control of your bills.
Plus, with Value Plus’s added value services, you get so much more with your electricity plan!

Choose a better way forward – choose Value Plus!

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Benefits of Value Plus's Business Plans

With fixed rate plans, you can count on what you get from Value Plus. No more variable rates, no more unpredictable fluctuations in what you pay month to month, quarter to quarter or year to year. We all know that various things effect the price of electricity, but with Value Plus, stability and predictability is yours. Budget for your electricity costs and focus on the important things – running your business.

With our value added programs, you get even more, and all of Value Plus’s plans include our value added offers, so choose the program that’s right for you.

Even as you grow larger, we can continue to meet your needs. Take the worry away about costs getting out of control, choose Value Plus and move your business forward.

There’s no reason not to switch business electricity suppliers
in Pennsylvania to Value Plus Energy today!
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